Moving House: An Autoscenographic Practice Review - Part 2

(Word Count: 11,574)

This second section of the Practice Review establishes a framing for the practice of autoscenography, having established some of its characteristics through the first two practical projects.

A reminder of how to access the Practice Review:

The Practice Review is in three parts - setting up the methodology for the review, analysis of relevant practice examples and bringing the review to a conclusion. Each part is a PDF, which can be downloaded from Dropbox through the image link below. Each PDF is best read and annotated in Adobe Acrobat in single page view, to allow the narrative of the Practice Review to unfold in slideshow format and to preserve the pagination, which flows from this web page into the PDF.

The first two parts of the Practice Review have framed autoscenography, highlighting feminist discourse as a significant dimension of the practice. The following section is focused on the third practical project in the thesis portfolio, which has an explicitly feminist thrust.

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