Moving House: An Autoscenographic Practice Review - Part 1

(Word Count: 4959)

This section of the PhD thesis begins its 'literature review' but it strays from the traditional methods of presenting a written chapter, in that it presents a survey of literature and practice against a visual backdrop of the researcher moving house, thereby engaging with two of the qualities of autoscenography, that it is both personal and 'super-local' - here located in the immediate environment of the scenographer. (See Autoscenography, She Wrote). 

The Practice Review is in three parts, arranged between the practical projects. They are focused respectively on setting up the methodology for the review, analysis of relevant practice examples and bringing the review to a conclusion. Each part is a PDF, which can be downloaded from Dropbox through the image link below. Each PDF is best read and annotated in Adobe Acrobat in single page view, to allow the narrative of the Practice Review to unfold in slideshow format and to preserve the pagination, which flows from this web page into the PDF.

We will return to the Practice Review: Part 2 after the next section, which is focused on the second practical project contained within the thesis portfolio.

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